Your business might be small, and the web might be vast, but rather than trying to stand out on the Internet being a seemingly impossible challenge, it’s the exact opposite. Sure there are lots of other businesses out there, some of them your competition, but the Internet is a great leveler, and if you take the time and effort to develop a great website, it can allow your business to punch significantly above its weight

More small companies are ‘getting it.’

The good news for small businesses, in general, is that, according to a recent survey, more and more of them are aware of the need to have a robust digital presence. The downside to this news, however, is that a large percentage of the websites these ‘digitally aware’ businesses have online are not really up to the job. Many are merely out of date (content and technology wise), and a worryingly small percentage aren’t taking full advantage of the latest content management systems to make their website something that shows their business off in the best possible light.

Of course, how good (or bad) a site looks is only an issue when people can find it. Because so many small businesses aren’t maximising the potential of their piece of Internet real estate, not only are they allowing a low-quality website to represent them on the web, their site is also failing at what is probably it’s most important job – ranking well in the search engines and bringing the business the vital customers it needs.

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