I recently wrote an article: what to include in a design project proposal. Which helped me think through the things I normal include in say a branding project. However, for the web its evident different things are involved. In my web travels I have found the following sample contracts and proposal examples – thought it would be nice to share. Hopefully you find these useful to use or to help create your own bespoke proposals.

web proposal legal

I recently also came across a useful web application called Quote Robot which is a great tool for streamlining your workflow and sending out proposals in a much faster time than normal. It has a plethora of features for most needs, so have a look!

Find below the contract template downloads.

Proposal / Contracts Downloads
- Web Proposal 1 – DOC – 80KB
- Web Proposal 2 – PDF – 124 KB
- Web Proposal 3 – PDF – 264KB
- Web Proposal 4 – PDF – 9.2MB
- Web Proposal 5 – PDF – 1.1MB
Many thanks to the creators of the above documents.
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